Bathroom Gallery

Trikeenan tiles are ideal for various bathroom installations. From classic styles to creative patters, Trikeenan lends allure to showers, walls, floors, counters & backsplashes.

Master Bath in Random Whites

1x2x4 weave pattern in Fog and Milk White on the floor; custom baseboard in Fog and Milk White; 3×6 Milk White wall tile

1x1" Outer Galaxy Bath

Taking advantage of the inherent variation in our glazes, a 1×1 grid pattern in Outer Galaxy creates a striking mosaic effect

3" Hexagon detail

3″ Hexgons in Sand Grain and Sharkskin shown on shower wall

Blue & White Bath

This boys bathroom includes Elemental 1×1 in Random Cornflower on the shower floor; 3×6 in Milk White on the walls with a Sardinia 4×6 Fish Listello in Dusty Cornflower Blue

Bathroom Detail

4×6 Sardinia Decorative Tile and 6×6 Basics in Cornflower Blue

Inner Galaxy Shower

Shower walls in 1.5×3 (LFB, or “Little Fat Brick”) in Inner Galaxy; ceiling in 1×1 grid pattern in Vermont Green

October Sky bath

Modulus 4×8 brickbond pattern in October Sky

Vermont Green Bath

Elementals in Vermont Green

Bathroom close-up

4×6 Sardinia decoband in random 0, 1, 2, 3 fish pattern in Basics Autumnal Green; Modulus Shimmer 4×4 Field Tile with 2×2 Autumnal Green Shell Mosaic drop-ins

Clothesline Collection

4×4 Handpainted Clothesline Decorative Tile with Navy border in laundry room; Elemental 1×1 grid pattern in Milk White and Delft Blue with a Classic Highland Mini-Crown Molding

Bathroom, NYC

This 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church includes 3×3 Basics Field Tile in Delphinium Blue and Robin’s Green

Coverings Bath

4×12 Custom Green Modulus Plus and Full Moon Modulus with Rondel Glass Fusion Trim

Modulus Plus Tile is ideal for commercial and residential walls, especially those in wet areas. It’s earth friendly and qualifies for a variety of LEED credits.