Mission Statement

Trikeenan Tileworks exemplifies the definition of “unique” with our sense of creativity, style and intriguing colours. We are dedicated to producing a variety of handmade tile with a commitment to provide our customers with a beautiful mix of both historic and modern styles.  As our products are hand made in small quantities it is the variation in size, color, shape and texture that make our products unique and blend so well together.  With each glaze recipe and production process we perform, we use raw materials that are non-toxic for our employees to work with and utilize processes that incorporate a method of which to recycle defective, unused, or wasted materials back into the production processes.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to offer a creative blend of products to our customers that can be used in interior, exterior, wall, floor, shower and pool installations.  As we move forward and innovate, our endeavor is to make our manufacturing environment a safer place to work.  We rely on the feedback and creativity of our team and our family of dealers in the creation of new sizes, patterns, colors, and textures.  While creating products that will stand the test of time, we want our customers to invest in beauty.


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