Green is more than just a colour to us;
it is a way of life.

Trikeenan Tileworks vision to create innovative ceramic tiles began more than 20 years ago, in 1989, and our passion to inspire great designs with the beauty of handcrafted ceramic tiles is now a reality. To this day, Trikeenan’s products are all manufactured in the USA. We produce our charming tiles while meeting strict US environmental standards.

Ceramic tile and brick are some of the longest lasting surfaces for floors and walls. Tile and brick are also made from naturally occurring, sustainable materials like clay and calcium carbonate. When sourced locally, they are a product that has one of the lowest amounts of embodied energies and thus the smallest carbon footprint of any covering.

We collect and reuse clay, glaze waste and wastewater in our factory. We use water-based glazes that are 100% VOC-free. No VOCs escape during manufacturing nor for the life of the product in your home or business. Our products allow our customers to receive LEED credits in a variety of categories for their green-building projects. In addition, building sites within 500 miles of our factory are eligible for additional LEED points for the reduced amount of fossil fuels used in shipping.